For those of you about to begin..

Anyone thinking of going into business in the concessions industry should check out what we call our SUPERPOP UNIVERSITY. Don’t bother heading into town & enrolling at the local university – what do they know about making & selling fresh popcorn? Can they explain the different ways to make & present an appetising hot dog?  We can’t teach you how to become an accountant but we can teach you how to make a few dollars over & over again. And then you can head down to the university & learn how to count all the money made from a satisfying day providing great food & excitement to families as they walk around the event.

Our company Superpop started in 1987 & in that time we have developed the ability to not only make products for supermarkets but we have become the exclusive Gold Medal products dealer in Australia & New Zealand. This means that we can provide you with all the equipment you need to start up your own business making your own top of the range snack foods. Our friendly staff will point you in the right direction with regards to ingredients and packaging.

Just remember how you feel if you purchase something that just isn’t quite right. If you’re like me you might not complain but you definitely won’t go back again. At Superpop, we understand that the best way to attract repeat business is to make the highest quality products you can. The BEST tasting foods are those made from the HIGHEST QUALITY ingredients. It makes sense, doesn’t it? There is no substitute.

And how about some free advice? There is an old saying “if you look after the kids, the parents will look after you”. If you learn nothing else from stopping by our web site, take note of that tenet & apply it in your business every day. You know that this is true.

Give us a call – in Melbourne or Perth ask for James (03) 8787 0999. In Brisbane ask for Mark (07) 3712 0222. In Sydney ask for Sue (02) 9824 6444.

Or why don’t you check out the equipment in one of our warehouses and have a chat about how they work. They’ll walk you through the basics, you can go home & think about what you might do & then come back with a business plan that will see you heading down the road towards happily working for yourself.