Invest with Superpop and make the most of our extensive support

You can purchase money making equipment from anywhere in the world but what happens if it breaks down? Your customers will be disappointed and your competitors will be delighted. Where can you get advice about a repair? Where can you buy replacement parts? How long will it take to get parts from overseas? These are all questions that everyone should ask before committing to purchase any fun food equipment.

At Superpop, we have trained experts in Melbourne & Sydney who can answer your questions and fix your problems. If you are in New Zealand, Queensland, Western Australia or in regional areas across Australia we are only a phone call away. We often assist local electricians who want our guidance to repair machines.

Repairs and Spare Parts

It is important to keep all machines well maintained and serviced regularly. We offer on site and over the phone support for all equipment related queries and repairs. And we are very aware that you cannot have down time because your customers will not come back on Monday if they miss out on purchasing their popcorn on Saturday night. You need fast, efficient repairs.

The great news is we have over $300,000 of spare parts, some of which are a bit older for someone who has a well-used machine. This does not guarantee that every part is in stock but we know which parts are most likely to be needed and there is a fair chance that you will not have to wait long. We have kettles, agitator blades, thermostats & much more sitting on the racks awaiting your call. As a last resort all parts are only a 5-7 day courier away.

And it is no trouble for us to send any spare parts to your local repairman. Or simply bring in your equipment at the Melbourne or Sydney warehouses.